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Jobstart Philippines is program of the Department of Labor and Employment of Labor and Employment (DOLE) that aims to enhance the employeability of at-risk youth to improve their integration into productive employment through access to career guidance, life skills and technical trainings, and internship.

It is a full cycle employment facilitation program that seeks to assist young Filipinos in starting ther careers and obtaining meaningful paid employment.


- Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) birth certificate or any government issued identification with the applicant's birth date (e.g., voter indentificationm driver's license, PhilHealth, TIN card, or Philippines Passport).

- For High school undergraduates, proof of reaching high schol (e.g., certification from the school, official receipt of enrollment school identification).

- For high school and college graduates, diploma and Form 138 (for high school graduate) or transcript of records(for college undergraduates and graduates).

- For TVET graduates, Training certificates issued by TVI's and Certufucate of Competency or National Certificate issued by Tesda.

- For former 4ps and SPES beneficiaries, certification or any documentary proof of ther involvement in the program.


- Filipino Citizen.

- 18-24 years old.

- At least reached high school level

- 0-12 months work experience.

- Currently not in employment, not enrolled in school or in training

- Actively looking for work


- Registered business operation in the surrounding area of a participating PESO.

- Capacity to provide internship of up to three 75% of the prevailing minimum wage in the area.

- Compliant with general labor standards and occupational safety and health

- Individuals up to 35 years old may be accommodated as beneficiaries under exceptional circumstances, specifically in areas that are hardly-hit or stricken by disasters and natural calamities, such as typhoon, earthquake, and the like, including those man-made calamities.