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A special employment program that aims to provide 3-6 months internship opportunity for high school, technical-vocational or college graduates who want to pursue a career in public service in either local or national government.


-To provide young workers, particularly the poor/indigent and young workers, opportunity to demonstrate their talents and skills in the field of public service with the ultimate objective of attracting the best and the brightest who want to pursue a career in government service, particularly in the fields and disciplines related to labor and employment.


- At least High School Graduate or Voc-Tech Graduate.

- Between 18-30 years old.

- Individuals up to 35 years old may be accommodated as beneficiaries under exceptional circumstances, specifically in areas that are hardly-hit or stricken by disasters and natural calamities, such as typhoon, earthquake, and the like, including those man-made calamities.


- Transcript of Records for college students or Form 137 for high school graduates, or

- Certificate of Graduation in case of voc-tech graduates; and

- Certificate of Indigency from the Barangay.


- Allowance/stipend equivalent to 75% of the existing minimum wage.

- Accident Insurance coverage for one (1) Year.

- Certificate of Completion issued by the DOLE Regional Office upon completion term.